So you think you can dance? It’s a race to the finish

Dance partners:Jessie Hesketh and Robbie Kmetoni will dance it out tomorrow night in the So You Think You Can Dance Australia grand final. Picture: Channel Ten

BEST friends Jessie Hesketh and Robbie Kmetoni will battle it in Wednesday night’s So You Think You Can Dance Australia grand final.

Miss Hesketh, 19, of Sylvania, and Mr Kmetoni, 18, of Allawah, have spent gruelling hours rehearsing and performing their way into the top four and said they had not had a chance to take in the fact they could each be named Australia’s favourite dancer.

“It’s so surreal as this competition has gone by so fast,” Miss Hesketh said.

“I just don’t want it to end because I am having the time of my life and I could keep doing this every day.”

Mr Kmetoni agreed: “With all our crazy schedules it hasn’t sunk in that we’re the final four. We’ve been working so hard with the finale and I think everyone will be blown away by it.”

Miss Hesketh said the best part of being involved in the show was the foundation she had built for her career.

“Never again will we have the opportunity to work with national and internationally acclaimed choreographers,” Miss Hesketh said.

Mr Kmetoni said friendships he made along the way helped him through the competition. “Our tedious and long rehearsals have helped strengthen our bonds as friends,” Mr Kmetoni said.

The friendly competitors are cheering each other on to win the grand prize of $200,000 and a choice of one of three dance contracts.

“I have a feeling it could be Jessie,” Mr Kmetoni said. “It would just be a dream to stand next to her as the final two in the competition.”

“I would be delighted if Robbie won,” Miss Hesketh said. “I’ve known him for so many years and I would be so happy for him.”

With their fate now in the public’s hands, they wanted to be remembered for what they had learnt along the way.

“I came into this competition as an 18-year-old boy and I leave as an 18-year-old mature dancer,” Mr Kmetoni said. “I’ ve learnt there is more to dancing than just great technique,” Miss Hesketh said. “[It’s] what’s inside of you and hopefully that’s what is going to help me continue to unfold and go on to better things after this competition.”