Where is Kellyville Ridge High School?

A PROPOSED high school in Kellyville Ridge may never be built, with the new state budget allocating no funds towards the project.For several years, the Department of Education site on Perfection Avenue has had signs suggesting building plans, but so far no action has taken place.Riverstone Liberal candidate Kevin Conolly said the proposed high school was a major selling point for new residents to the area.

“I’ve been told by parents of students at Kellyville Ridge Primary School that some families are planning to sell up and move to ensure that they live closer to a properly resourced state high school,” Mr Conolly said.

“They are not attracted by the prospect of seeing hundreds of more students crammed into the already overflowing Glenwood High, which is more than three kilometres further away than the vacant site on Perfection Avenue.”

Riverstone MP John Aquilina disagreed and said a new high school was not needed at the site because the current schools in the region were coping well.

“The Perfection Avenue site was intended for a new high school, but only when the demand was required,” Mr Aquilina said.

“Demographics of the area have been monitored for quite some time and right now the schools in the region are catering to the students’ needs.”

P&C president Mark Glanville sent his first son to Kellyville Ridge Primary School in 2003, with the impression that the high school would be complete by the time he finished. But with his son approaching the end of year 6 and no sign of a high school, Mr Glanville said his son would have to go elsewhere.

“When I moved to Kellyville Ridge nine years ago, there was a sign that said a high school would be built,” Mr Glanville said.

“It’s disappointing that construction has not gone ahead, because so many of us parents thought there would be a high school ready for our children to attend.”

With no idea whether the new high school will ever be built, Mr Conolly said residents feared the Perfection Avenue site would follow the same fate as Department of Education sites on Sentry Drive and Meurants Lane, which were sold off for housing.