‘He He Ha Ha’ food is favourable

29 Jan, 2011 09:30 AM

Supreme cuisine: Mrs Lee will share some special ‘‘lucky food’’ recipes with the crowd at Hurstville’s Chinese New Year celebrations. Picture: Lisa McMahon

WHEN Mrs Lee of Hurstville migrated to Australia more than 20 years ago, she found her roots by cooking traditional Chinese cuisine.Since then, the grandmother has turned her passion for cooking into a skill which she can teach others.

She joins the line-up of entertainment at Hurstville’s Chinese New Year celebrations this Saturday as the second-last act of the day.

‘‘I am excited to share my secret ‘lucky food’ recipes with

the audience, and wish them abundance in the rabbit year,’’Mrs Lee said.

‘‘It will be a fun day to celebrate and my family will all be

there as well.’’

On her menu for the show will be sweet and sour prawn

called ‘‘He He Ha Ha’’ which is a symbol for a good beginning and ending to the coming year.

There will also be crescent-shaped dumplings which

signify wealth and prosperity because of their resemblance to ancient Chinese money (silver ingots).

Her daughter Tica Lee said these were special celebratory dishes to bring in the new year.

‘‘You only really eat and make these dishes

when there is something special going on,’’ she said.

‘‘A lot of mum’s classes focus on inspiring the next generation of Chinese kids, so it will be a good show.’’

Mrs Lee is no stranger to Hurstville’s Chinese New Year

celebrations, after holding her own condiment stall for the past two years.

This works for her, as she can spend time with her family

and participate in the festivities at the same time.

‘‘The Chinese New Year is important to me because it is all about how it begins,’’ Mrs Lee said.

‘‘If you start the year off well, than the rest of the year will be filled with luck, and spending time with the family is the way to do it.’’