Won for the birds at Royal Easter Show


Prize-winning breeder: Mick Goussis took home awards for all 18 canaries he entered in the bird cage competition at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Picture: Chris Lane

MECHANIC Mick Goussis, of Caringbah, has more than just the skills to fix a car.He also breeds and trains prize-winning birds in his backyard aviary.Mr Goussis, 42, has won awards for his colourful canaries at the Sydney Royal Easter Show for the past three years.

He just received nine first places, seven second places and two champion awards for the 18 canaries he entered in this year’s show.

“My black and red champion canary’s mother won the competition last time,” Mr Goussis said.

“I had white, yellow, apricot and red birds entered, all being judged on their looks, shape and feathers.”

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Mr Goussis. Three weeks before the competition he had a shoulder reconstruction after a fall.

This meant it took him twice as long to prepare his birds in the lead-up to the show and he needed extra help from his wife and daughter.

“You have to dress, clean and train the birds to keep them calm before a competition,” Mr Goussis said.

“It was more of a challenge but I managed to make it work, just at a slower pace.”

Bird cage entrants at the show do not compete for money but for national recognition in the industry.

Mr Goussis said a ribbon and piece of paper was more than enough to help sell the birds.

“Word spreads around that I breed good birds,” Mr Goussis said.

“I am a bird hobbyist and I love that it keeps me going as I don’t like coming home to sit in front of the television.”