There’s no Biggest Losers here


Fit and fabulous: Sisters Jodie Weber (left) and Kellie Martin shared their weight loss experience with the rest of Australia on The Biggest Loser on Channel Ten. Picture: Jane Dyson


THEY missed celebrating Christmas, New Year’s Eve and a wedding anniversary with their families, but these sisters would not change anything about their experience on The Biggest Loser. Kellie Martin and Jodie Weber were part of Channel Ten’s sixth season of the weight-loss reality show featuring families, where they were joined by their cousins, Sarah and Rebecca, to make up the Moon team. Mrs Martin, 34, of Engadine, made it to the final four and lost almost 50 percent of her body weight. Weighing 128 kilograms when she entered the house last November, she was 50 kilograms lighter at last week’s finale. The marriage celebrant and mother-of-two credits her no-nonsense trainer, Commando Steve, for whipping her into shape. ‘‘He was tough on us girls but his style of training worked well,’’ Mrs Martin said. Back in the real world with no trainer watching over her, Mrs Martin has a new routine of exercising for two hours a day, down from six. She runs regularly and will compete in a half marathon at the end of this month. She also plans to join her parents as a member of Elouera Surf Life Saving Club. ‘‘Come summer and I will be competing and patrolling with the club,’’ Mrs Martin said. Mrs Weber, 42, of Oatley, said their team got along well, despite sharing one room for three months. ‘‘We were there for the same reason and had the same goals so we supported each other,’’ she said. A primary school teacher in St George, Mrs Weber reached her goal weight of 75.6 kilograms after she lost 31 kilograms. Since leaving the show, she has stuck to a strict diet and is introducing healthier habits to her whole family. “My diet now consists of healthy foods, including fish, chicken and vegetables,’’ she said. Both credit the show for changing their lives and said they were proof that anyone could lose weight if they took the first step and were patient.

Family support: The Moon team on The Biggest Loser at the start of the competition. (Pictured from left): Kellie, Rebecca, Jodie and Sarah. Picture: Channel Ten