Figurative work reflects illustrator past


Contemporary art: Brigita Hammell (right) is having her first Sydney exhibit at Cronulla Art Gallery.

INSPIRATION can strike at any time for artist Brigita Hammell.

When the South Coast artist starts work on any new project she finds her ideas by observing people and listening to conversations.

Mrs Hammell, 39, is showcasing her figurative-style work for the first time at Cronulla Art Gallery this month. She started working on the 25-piece exhibition last November.

“The oil paintings tell different stories that I have seen,” Mrs Hammell said. “Before I moved to Australia from the Czech Republic 17 years ago, I was an illustrator, and I think that that style is apparent in my work.”

The exhibit Shades of Life is a selection of paintings representing the day-to-day life of Mrs Hammell. Her favourite painting is a “living orchestra” which Mrs Hammell describes as a woman sitting in front of a forest to listen to the sounds of nature.

Details: Shades of Life will end on Saturday, May 28; Cronulla Art Gallery: 10A-2 Surf Road Cronulla; 9523 6160.