Gentlemen, this man will boost your self-confidence

Gentleman Player

Communication skills: Jeff Chan gives some tips to GentlemanPlayer client Reuven Gordon at Hurstville Memorial Square. Picture:Lisa McMahon


WHEN Jeff Chan, 26, of Penshurst, left the corporate world to pursue a new career as an entrepreneur, he came up with a business based on four things he loved.They were the dating game, meeting people, talking to people and teaching people.

He decided to tap into the dating market and six months ago launched a series of workshops and courses designed to give men the confidence to date.

Mr Chan, who previously worked in the finance industry, said the main purpose of his business — GentlemanPlayer (GP) — was to equip clients with skills, knowledge and principles to approach and talk to women.

“When I would go to bars, I was not always the best when it came to speaking to people,” Mr Chan said.

“I wanted to create something that was unique and did not have to put men in embarrassing situations.”

Participants can choose to learn in a group or in an individual setting.

A six-week dating course has no more than eight members in a group and covers ways of approaching a relationship, whether it is with a friend, business partner or girlfriend.

Participants learn how to read body language and build their confidence.

The dating workshop has no more than four members in the group and runs for a day and a half.

It even includes a field trip to a bar, a shopping centre or “out on the street” to put the theory into practice.

GP will soon launch an online dating course and free dating forum.

The online dating course will have eight members in virtual classroom posting questions and comments weekly.

Mr Chan said this was an alternative option for clients who could not attend classes because of work commitments or because they did not want to leave home.

“The main goal is to inspire men to become better communicators,” Mr Chan said.

“Effective communication is not just the backbone for dating success, but for success in life and in relationships with people.”

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