Rising star to train with Nadal’s coach

HARRISON Lombe, 16, of Lugarno, was ranked 575 in Australia’s men tennis a year ago.Today, the year 11 student from Newington College sits at 173.Newington College headmaster David Mulford said that thanks to a busy schedule of tournaments at the start of the year, Harrison has moved his way through the ranks after placing in several competitions.Harrison became the fourth best player in his age group in Australia after competing over the Easter break.

He was a semi-finalist at the Homebush Twilight Open Men’s Singles tournament, Hobart Clarence City Opens Men’s Doubles and Casino Open Men’s Singles and Doubles tournament.

He was a finalist at the Lismore Open Men’s Doubles tournament, and won the Lismore 18s Singles and Hobart Clarence City Open Men’s Singles tournaments.

Harrison was then selected for the NSW All Schools team of eight and won all his singles and doubles matches for the team which helped them win the Pizzey Cup earlier this month.

These recent achievements helped Harrison qualify for one of 10 positions in School Sport Australia’s merit team.

“To achieve a number four status in the NSW All Schools tennis team is an outstanding achievement,” Dr Mulford said.

“To be inching towards the top 200 men’s rankings in Australia at only 16 years of age is a testament to his natural talent and skills in tennis.”

Harrison will go to Barcelona to train with Rafael Nadal’s coach Francis Roig this month.

This will be the third trip for Harrison to train under his idol’s coach.

“It is a whole other level of training in Spain,” Harrison said.

“Nadal and I have similar game styles and we are both lefties.

“This will probably be my last time over there during school because next year I will be doing my HSC.”

Harrison plans to pursue a career in tennis.