Diabetes team ready to give advice

PEOPLE with diabetes looking for information, support or answers to their questions can call the Australian Diabetes Council customer service team for advice.

A range of dietitians, diabetes educators and exercise physiologists are available over the phone during business hours to offer guidance.

The council said good diabetes management required a healthy lifestyle that included regular physical activity, healthy eating and regular appointments with your diabetes team.

Ten steps people with diabetes should adhere to:

Step 1: Follow a healthy eating plan which is low in fat, particularly saturated fat, high in fibre and includes carbohydrates in each meal.

Step 2: Participate in regular planned physical activity — aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days.

Step 3: Monitor your blood glucose levels and aim to keep them in your recommended range. Your range and the frequency of testing should be determined by your diabetes team.

Step 4:

Have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked and treated as required.

Step 5:

Drink alcoholic

beverages in moderation.

Step 6:

Don’t smoke.

Step 7:

Check your feet

daily for any changes.

Step 8:

Have regular eye examinations.

Step 9: See your doctor regularly.

Step 10: Maintain a positive “stay well” attitude.

Customer care line: 1300 342 238.