Monthly Archive: September, 2011

Burlesque act with a twist

 BY SANDRA SIAGIAN WHEN burlesque performer Emma Maye Gibson, 23, of Carss Park, takes the stage she doesn’t offer audiences a typical performance. She likes to give people her own take on the… Continue reading

Cronulla Festival brings in spring

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN CRONULLA Spring Festival marked a new season at Cronulla Plaza on the weekend. About 30,000 people turned up to the annual two-day event to check out the attractions including rides,… Continue reading

Shaolin Warriors master mind over matter

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN   THEY are fit, energetic and specialise in death-defying tricks.Whether they are flipping through the air or lying on a bed of nails, these highly-trained kung-fu practitioners have mastered the… Continue reading

Join the chorus

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN   IT’S the Broadway musical that has won nine Tony awards and a Pulitzer prize for drama.The theatre is bare and the stage is stripped of props with the main… Continue reading

New cafe is siblings’ dream

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN   IT WAS fate that led a brother and sister to drop their careers and open a cafe. Dimitri and Stella Lascaris of Sans Souci were working in different fields… Continue reading

Films which delight in a touch of the unreal

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN THERE is a touch of the make-believe in these three movies released this week.We have talking animals in Zookeeper, the classic tale of the little blue people in The Smurfs and a body… Continue reading

Jumping through hoops at Cronulla Spring Festival

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN THERE is bound to be something for everyone to enjoy at the Cronulla Spring Festival this weekend.The annual two-day event which starts today marks the start of spring will have… Continue reading

Orphan Annie returns

BY SANDRA SIAGIAN  HER bright red curls, loveable nature and catchy selection of tunes including Tomorrow and It’s the Hard Knock Life has made her one of the most famous young orphans. Now… Continue reading