Burlesque act with a twist


Unique performer: Emma Maye Gibson also known as Betty Grumble gives her own spin on the burlesque style of dance. Pictures: John Veage

WHEN burlesque performer Emma Maye Gibson, 23, of Carss Park, takes the stage she doesn’t offer audiences a typical performance. She likes to give people her own take on the burlesque style by playing with its form, history and expectations. “I move beyond what it is doing in society today,” Gibson said. “I like to play with those stereotypes of pretty girls, and the golden-age fashion in my performances.” On stage, Gibson transforms into her alter ego Betty Grumble — a parody of a child beauty pageant queen. The performance artist, who teaches children to swim and dance, described Betty Grumble as a burlesque heroine and said people could expect a high-energy show. Gibson will perform at the Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum on Tuesday, September 20. The museum transforms into an after-hours platform for emerging Sydney artists to showcase their talent against a backdrop of dinosaur skeletons and native animals. A spokeswoman said Jurassic Lounge was an over-18s event that included a drink with the $15 entry. “People can enjoy live entertainment and check out the museum at the same time,” the spokeswoman said. “You could head up to the skeleton room and see a DJ or go to the atrium to check out a musician.” This is the last after-hours session until summer at the Jurassic Lounge. Details: Jurassic Lounge at The Australian Museum, 5.30pm to 9.30pm, Tuesday, September 20. Visit jurassiclounge.com