That’s one smart cookie

A biscuit jar is a gift that just keeps on giving, writes Sandra Siagian.

When Jillian Collins went searching for the perfect gift for her mother two years ago, she couldn’t find anything with a personal touch. So the co-owner of Luke Benchmark restaurant in Sylvania Heights decided to go back to basics and make home-made biscuits. She whipped up a batch, put them in a jar and labelled it with a sticker that read: ”The Endless Cookie Company”.

The idea was to keep topping the jar with biscuits when it ran out.

”I thought this would be a lovely thing to do for my mum,” Collins says. ”I’d give her more cookies for her jar when I next saw her. Her present from me could be an endless gift.”

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It gave her the idea for a small business venture and she launched Endless Gift. ”I thought, you can go online and have flowers delivered but what about a jar of cookies?”

She created the biscuit recipes through trial and error, with the help of her husband, Luke Collins, chef and co-owner of Luke Benchmark.

At first there were six flavours, including lemon shortbread and muesli, but that has narrowed to three to reflect customers’ stand-out favourites: chocolate chip, triple-chocolate chunk and white chocolate and macadamia.

Customers order an Endless Cookie jar online. In the lead-up to Christmas, there’s an increase in overseas orders. A one-month supply is a 750-gram bag of biscuits, about 65 bite-sized pieces.

At the company’s production kitchen in Botany, two part-time chefs cook the biscuits – about 6500 weekly. ”It is very popular for grandparents, new mums and get-well presents,” says Collins, who is considering branching out into other ”endless” products, such as boutique wines, beers or cheese. Her mum is pleased to see her present has grown into a thriving business. She still has the original jar her daughter gave her, though Collins admits, ”I could probably top them up a little more frequently than I do.”

Endless Cookies, 750g bag with the jar/$69.95; three 750g refill bags/$74.95;

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