Leave behind work but stay on top of workout

HOLIDAYS are a great way to leave the stress of work behind but it shouldn’t be a reason to leave your workout too.Whether you’re planning an international escape, beachside getaway or just a road trip down the coast, a holiday can serve as the perfect motivation tool to get in shape.

But days, weeks or months of hard training could easily be lost once the trip arrives.

It’s not uncommon for people to push themselves to the limit to get the perfect beach body, or to prepare themselves for a holiday of fatty foods and alcohol, to then kick their fitness regime out the window once the date arrives.

But experts say it’s not hard to adapt a pre-holiday training routine without having to slog it out at the gym for the same results.

“When you go on holidays we want to leave everything familiar behind to be in a different space,” Sydney-based wellness coach and mentor Michelle Richmond said.

“I think that we get so stressed in our day-to-day life and then when you prepare for a holiday, our bodies can sometimes get a shock when you end up relaxing on your first few days on holiday.”

Ms Richmond suggests people look at managing their stress in the lead-up to a holiday, break the routine but find ways to embrace the environment they are in such as sightseeing by foot or with public transport to make the most of the new place.

While you don’t have to bring the same level of intensity to your workouts on holiday, there are simple ways you can adapt and balance:

¦ Use the environment you’re in to motivate yourself and incorporate exercise by exploring the surroundings. “Step outside your comfort zone and try activities that give you a rush,” Ms Richmond said. “Being out in the fresh air and sunshine will lift your health and well-being.”

¦ If you have an itinerary set out, schedule in a workout. Research where you are going and find out what facilities are available. If you’re at a hotel check if there’s a gym or pool. If not, look for parks or beaches nearby for running tracks.

¦ Indulge with caution. There’s nothing wrong with sampling different culinary delights, just make sure you go easy on the portion size. Aim to have at least one healthy meal a day and follow the 80 per cent rule – eat well for 80 per cent of the time and enjoy the last 20 per cent with mindful eating.