Brothers opt for artwork in wild style


ZOMBIES and beards may not sound like the most conventional subjects for art but it seems to work for two creative brothers.

Joel and Eden Moore, who go by their nicknames Mulga and Emoo respectively in the art sphere, don’t like to follow any rules when it comes to their work.

The self-taught brothers have had no formal training beyond their studies at high school, but their HSC artwork was good enough to get into the ArtExpress exhibitions.

They draw and paint whatever they feel like, including eyeballs, skulls, Vikings and zombies. Joel, 29, of Miranda, and Eden, 24, of Cronulla, have now combined their drawings, paintings and poetry for their first exhibition, at Space 44 at Cronulla called LONGBEARDS ANONYMOUS MONKEY FACTORY.

The name may seem a little out of the ordinary but that’s exactly how they like it. “I have a weird sense of humour and I just played on the fact that we have drawn beards for the show,” Joel said. “Our style is bold lines and lots of black and white.” Art is predominantly a side project for these talented brothers.

Joel works in the finance industry and Eden is an airconditioning tradesman. But even with a background far from the artistic world, the brothers are keen to one day make art a permanent career. “It’s a hard road but that would be the dream for me,” Joel, a father of two, said. “I just want to draw cool things that you can put on your surfboard, skateboard or shirt. I’ve already printed 50 T-shirts for the exhibition with some art on them.” Their free exhibition runs for a month and starts this Saturday with an entertaining line-up for the opening night.

There will be poetry recitals by their father and live entertainment from seven bands, including Mulgas Room which features Joel himself.

Details: LONGBEARDS ANONYMOUS MONKEY FACTORY will be open from 4pm until late this Saturday, February 11, at 44 The Kingsway, Cronulla. Visit

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