Making vows on Valentine’s Day


SHE made the proposal, he will wear shorts, and the celebration will go ahead rain or shine.

When Maryann Tohmeh and Dominique Ziadeh, both of Brighton-Le-Sands, get married today they won’t be following the traditional rules.

Miss Tohmeh, 23, will wear a bright swimsuit and white pants, and her fiance will don shorts for their civil ceremony at Lady Robinsons Beach.

The couple, who met in Lebanon , thought it would be nice to have a fun wedding. Miss Tohmeh was the one who a few years ago had surprised Mr Ziadeh, 27, with a ‘‘promise ring’’ on his birthday after their fourth anniversary together. She made dinner and hid the ring. Soon after, the couple set a date to get engaged on Christmas Day in 2009 then told their families.

‘‘I thought it was nice to break tradition and make the proposal before we set an engagement date,’’ said Miss Tohmeh, who is a childcare worker. ‘‘Our ceremony will be fun and it’s not going to be anything formal; we don’t care if we get wet, we will hold umbrellas or find some shelter.

We plan to have a big ceremony in a few years’ time back in Lebanon.’’ Valentine’s Day was always just ‘‘another day’’ for Miss Tohmeh until she started dating Mr Ziadeh, who would always surprise her on February 14.

‘‘After spending five Valentine’s Days with Dominique I now consider it a really happy and special day,’’ she said. ‘‘He worked on making it special to me; we both feel there is a meaning for Valentine’s and we wanted to celebrate our love on this day, as we know the rest of the world will too.’’

Sutherland Shire celebrant Coral Kortlepel will preside over the ceremony with friends and a few family members from Lebanon.

‘‘My mum surprised me for the wedding and arrived in Sydney a few weeks ago,’’ Miss Tohmeh said. ‘‘Now my sister, mum, three cousins, two aunts and their husbands will be there. Afterwards we will have dinner at home, with Dominique’s family joining us on Skype.’’

St George and Sutherland Shire Leader