Wolverine’s star appeal at Kurnell

Hugh Jackman at Bonna Point Reserve, Kurnell where he is filming scenes for Wolverine. Picture: Jane Dyson

HOLLYWOOD came to Sutherland Shire last week when production for Hugh Jackman’s flick The Wolverine moved to Kurnell.Bonna Point Reserve was transformed into a Japanese prisoner of war camp for two days of filming.Jackman, 43, took time out of his busy schedule on Thursday morning to thank the shire for allowing the production company, 20th Century Fox, to close down the reserve for filming.The buff actor, who was dressed and made up as his Wolverine character, personally thanked mayor Carol Provan on location.

Jackman said Kurnell was a “beautiful spot” and he was keen to check out some of the other sights, as well as take his son to visit Captain Cook’s landing place and Cape Solander.

“It’s a real testament actually that we can make Japan in Australia,” Jackman said about recreating the exotic scene at Kurnell.

“One of the most difficult scenes to find the right location for was this one, and it has turned out great.”

Jackman, who said the downside of playing a comic book character was the daily two-hour gym sessions, even had some words of advice for councillor Provan about her concerns at The Shire reality show.

“The line you should always take is that, by this point, I think that everyone realises reality TV is the most unreal thing,” Jackman said.

The film’s executive producer Joe Caracciolo said Bonna Point Reserve was an ideal choice for the movie.

“The scene we are shooting here takes place in a POW camp outside of Nagasaki,” Mr Caracciolo told the Leader.

“It is a beautiful spot here and it’s open enough, has a water element and also a city element behind it that can turn into Nagasaki.”

Scenes for the blockbuster were also shot at Picton and Fox Studios during the first week of production.

Producer Hutch Parker said The Wolverine would mainly be shot in the studio and on location in and around Sydney, as well as a few weeks in Japan.

Mr Parker said the film was expected to be completed by mid-November.