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Calls for mandatory infection controls in body art industry

For many, body modification is seen as a work of art. From piercing and tattoos to the more extreme methods of subdermal implants and tongue splitting, the industry has grown. But following a… Continue reading

Could Orkambi lead the way for better cystic fibrosis treatments?

Australia recently became the eighth country to approve and provide a drug that can extend the lives of those living with certain types of cystic fibrosis. The drug Orkambi once cost 250-thousand-dollars a… Continue reading

Should IVF clinics publish their success rates?

For many women, in vitro fertilisation is often the last chance they have for a baby. It’s an expensive treatment and it’s not unusual for patients to undergo multiple rounds of IVF before… Continue reading

Lombok hit with another earthquake

Another earthquake has hit the Indonesian island of Lombok, even as rescue workers continue the search for people buried in rubble after the powerful quake that hit the island last Sunday. Officials say… Continue reading

How can we reduce the risk of dog attacks?

A toddler has died after being attacked by her family dog at a property in Victoria’s east. The 14-month-old was bitten on the face by a German wirehaired pointer, with some expressing surprise,… Continue reading

Youth homelessness still a growing problem in Australia

More than 100 thousand Australians are waking to another day of homelessness. Mission Australia says many of them are young – aged just 15 to 19. Its latest research found that one in… Continue reading

Why isn’t the NDIS getting young people out of nursing homes?

When Michelle Newland was 19 she never thought she would be living in a nursing home. The aspiring primary school teacher had just completed her first year of university when she had a… Continue reading

How can we help people break out of the cycle of homelessness?

Until about five years ago, the numbers of people without a home in Australia were fairly stable and then they started getting worse. In the last couple of years, experts have been warning… Continue reading

Why victims aren’t coming forward about forced marriages

Since forced marriage was criminalised in March 2013, over 230 cases have been referred to the AFP, but advocates say this number does not reflect the real number at risk. They are calling… Continue reading


This is a radio feature I produced in my second year of university. It was part of an assessment task that was played on a community radio station in Wollongong.

Drunk footballers

With only five per cent of NRL players for the 2009 season sworn off alcohol, Sandra Siagian asked the fans and punters what they thought about their behaviour.