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Jokowi’s Army of Volunteers Not Letting Go of Their Cause

He attracted dedicated volunteers from across the country during his campaign, and now President-elect Joko Widodo is calling on his band of supporters to act as a watchdog once his policies roll out.

Down Under, Joko Hailed as New President

As Indonesians anxiously await official results of the presidential vote, to be released on July 22, Indonesian citizens in Australia were celebrating an early victory and welcoming the prospect of a stronger partnership… Continue reading

Indonesian Youth Vote for Their Future

In an election that’s expected in many ways to be largely defined by the younger population, Indonesia’s youth headed to the polls this morning to vote for their future. Thirty percent of the… Continue reading

Abbott a Hit, Barely, With Business Leaders

While the country’s leading business lobby welcomed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s call on Tuesday to boost economic ties, some local business leaders voiced concerns over the conservative leader’s narrow approach to bilateral… Continue reading

A Call on Australia for Asylum-Seekers’ Human Rights

Indonesian leaders and rights groups have criticized Australia’s policy on asylum-seekers, citing its disregard for human rights and ineffective unilateral approach ahead of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s meeting with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono… Continue reading

Indie Designer Kleting Fills Indonesian Fashion Gap

When fashion designer Kleting Titis Wigati launched her own clothing label in 2009 she had one goal in mind — to fill a gap in Indonesian independent fashion. After studying at Esmod Jakarta… Continue reading

The Tales Inside a Woman’s Bag

Sandra Siagian It’s not uncommon for artists to find inspiration where they least expect it. This was the case for French photographer Pierre Klein, who stumbled across an idea for a project after… Continue reading

West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan: Little Intolerance Here

Sandra Siagian While Indonesia grapples with the a rise in acts of violence against religious minorities across the country, several rights groups have pointed to West Java as a significant hotspot for intolerance.… Continue reading

Religious Minorities Band Together for Tolerance

Sandra Siagian & Rebecca Lake So often the victims of intolerance in Indonesia, Christians, Ahmadiyah and Shia Muslims on Monday marched together in Central Jakarta to urge the government to take a stand… Continue reading

Batak Church Demolished by Bekasi Government

Camelia Pasandaran, Jonathan G. Vit & Sandra Siagian The congregation of Bekasi’s beleaguered HKBP Taman Sari church huddled close, forming a barrier between their church and the idling bulldozer sent to demolish their… Continue reading

Indonesia Church Officials Face Violence, Jail Time for Conducting Services

Rebecca Lake, Sandra Siagian & Abdul Qowi Bastian  The wife of a church minister who was jailed two weeks ago for allegedly conducting a service without a permit also faces arrest for defying… Continue reading

Emo Philips’ Falsetto Laughs Ring True

Sandra Siagian Emo Philips has definitely made his mark in the world of comedy. The 56-year-old entertainer, known for delivering clever one-liners in a falsetto-style tone, has enjoyed a career making people laugh… Continue reading